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Guided by someone I trust

Guided learning activities are great opportunities for educators and kids to bond.

The educator/parent will be the perfect person to propose activities that are appropriate for the individual to increase engagement.

TIP: As the educator, don't give out the answer easily. Just break down the problem if need be, so he/she can get to the answer independently and build confidence.

1.     How do you say that number?

(that you see around you on the bus, house, sign, etc.)

Enter it in the app

  • Press inside the circle to bring up the keyboard

  • Enter the number

  • Repeat what you heard (tap the text if you want to hear it again)

In a different language?

  • Press the flag of the desired language and repeat in the newly selected language

Add 10 to it

  • Touch the + sign, slide the finger up and release

Subtract 1

  • Press a number 1 ball. Wait for it to disappear

2.     Which digits are used to write the number nineteen?

Enter it in the app

  • Press inside the circle to bring up the keyboard

  • Enter 1, then 9, and press the return arrow

Spell it

  • Look at the spelling on the app and read out the letters

Now 119

  • Press the + button to get to 119

    • tip1: press and slide up will increase in tens

    • tip2: keep the finger pressed on + to increment the number rapidly

3.     Explore different alphabets

Go to app settings

  • Go to settings on the device

  • Select the app

Select languages

  • Select up to 6 languages with distinct alphabets

    • Chinese, Russian, Thai, Korean, French, Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, Danish, etc.


  • Go back to app, type in a number and switch between flags to view the different spellings